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#1 Classes & Workshops in Osaka

2019 Certificate of Excelence


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Create the tastes and smells of a Japanese festival with handmade udon, yakitori kebabs and chopstick okonomiyaki.


Step inside a Japanese home and prepare traditional favourites such as ginger pork, miso soup, pickled sides and a Japanese omelet.


- cooking experiences -

Eat Osaka provides English language cooking experiences for visitors to Japan's culinary capital! Each class lasts 2 - 3 hours (starting at 11am and 5pm daily) in which you will learn about Osaka's food culture and make a full Japanese meal under the guidance of experienced local chefs. We will also provide you with enough information to recreate everything on our menu after you return home!


After the cooking finishes, we will all sit down, chat, and enjoy our culinary creations together over a glass of local sake or green tea. We really want to show the world how Osaka eats, so please join us at Eat Osaka!

We set up Eat Osaka in the summer of 2014 to bring together some of our favourite things: meeting new people from around the world, spreading Japanese culture, and cooking delicious food! We were all born and raised in this area and learned to cook by watching our parents and grandparents in their own kitchens.


Our philosophy at Eat Osaka is that our cooking classes should not only be fun, but they should also give you the knowledge and skills to recreate our dishes back in your own kitchen.  We will provide a detailed recipe for you to take home, but if you do forget anything, just send us a quick email we will be happy to help!

- passionate and fun -

All the ingredients we use are locally sourced and will be measured, cleaned and prepared by your chef prior to your arrival. After you enter the kitchen, the techniques and recipes you will learn are all based on our own home methods and have been thoughtfully designed to make sure your experience is fun, interesting and easy to recreate in your own kitchen! 

- authentic and delicious -

The best knives in the world are made in Japan and the best knives in Japan are still hammered out one by one right here in Osaka! So, to give you a really authentic experience of Osakan cooking, we have teamed up with our neighbours at Tower Knives Osaka to give you a chance to use some of the best knives in the world! 

- hand made and world class -

“Eat Osaka is definitely carving out a fun and interesting niche” 
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