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Street Food Details

Osaka is famous for many things but one of the things we love most about our home town are the summer festivals and especially the amazing festival food!


In this course, you will begin with our special home made yakitori sauce. Then, we will teach you the traditional (and very surprising!) method for making udon noodles from scratch which are then served “Osaka style” with fried tofu in a delicious soup.


We finish with chopstick okonomiyaki. This Osakan pancake is famous all over the country and  comes filled with vegetables and herbs and topped with cheese, bonito flakes and our special okonomi bbq sauce! After the tasting time you will take a break with Japanese brown rice green tea.

Let's get cracking with welcome drink! 'Kanpai!'

Duration: 2 - 3 Hours 

Meeting Time: 11am or 5pm

Cost: 7500 yen (adults and children)

*What's included?

Welcome drink (beer, soft drink etc.) , all the ingredients, English instruction, rental apron and a recipe to take home.

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