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Our Knives

Best Knives from Osaka

The best knives in the world are made in Japan and the best knives in Japan are still hammered out one by one right here in Osaka! So, to give you a really authentic experience of Osakan cooking, we have teamed up with our neighbors at Tower Knives Osaka to give you a chance to use some of the best knives in the world! 

All our cooking classes contain a short explanation of the history of knife making in Osaka as well a chance for you use a range of different Osakan knives. You can even take one home with you as a souvenir if you like. Bring your passport to save 8% on sales tax!

Tower Knives

Osaka knives store

Tower Knives Osaka is a unique knife store and gallery, located at the foot of Tsutenkaku Tower in Shinsekai, Osaka. We carry a large range of selected knives, all crafted in Japan. Come by to view, learn more about Japanese knives, or select the knife that matches your needs, build, and budget. Viewing and friendly consulting free of charge.

For duty free knife purchase, bring passport and plan an extra 15minutes for the paperwork.

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