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Osaka Izakaya Details


Osaka’s izakayas are energetic, fun filled and delicious and in this course, you can experience them from behind the scenes!


After a welcome drink in our custom-built teppanyaki cooking studio, we start by preparing stuffed lotus roots and Japanese style spring rolls with fragrant shiso leaves and lean chicken breast. Next up is Osaka’s famous Okonomiyaki pancake, which you will prepare completely from scratch! We will then learn to create a spicy beansprout salad and a homemade dipping sauce for our final dish of kushiyaki skewers with tiger prawns and tender wagyu beef.


After the cooking is over, we will sit down together to enjoy our creations with green tea, cold beer or a homemade Japanese cocktail!


Duration: 2 - 3 Hours 

Meeting Time: 11am or 5pm

Cost: 6500 yen (adults and children)



Welcome cocktail (alcoholic or non-alcoholic)

All ingredients

English instruction

Take home recipe

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